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Fly Away rugs is based in Hull and owned by Graham Durrant.
He uses his expertise and lifelong passion for Persian rugs to bring you a shop packed floor to ceiling with an eclectic mix of vintage and antique Middle Eastern carpets as well as crafts with items originating from Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Persia and more. 

The carpets offered are hand made in 100% wool or silk,  coloured using natural or chemical dyes or a combination of the two.
The rugs are steeped in history as they feature colours, patterns and motifs traditional to specific families, villages, regions and nomadic tribes which have been using these designs for hundreds of years. 

The rugs we offer are priced very competitively and hope that would be purchasers will appreciate them as an investment and for the works of art that they are as well as being a beautiful yet functional addition to their home.  

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