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Evening Bag silk 13" x 6" x 3"


33 x 15 x 8 cm 

These travel bags are made from the highest quality Turkish leather and natural died wool or silk fabrics woven as tent or other hangings by individual crafts en and women from the various regions in Turkey. Many of the fabrics are over 50 years old and are cleaned and sorted before being mounted on a secure backing fabric and cut into the highly individual patterns that form these unique pieces. Lined with traditional fabrics sourced from the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, each bag is mounted on brass feet and only the best quality YKK zips are used in their production. Given the nature of the materials used, no two travel bags are identical. Irregularities in the weave and natural fading of some of the colours, and small imperfections are inherent in the nature of the organic dyes and handweaving, and the general history of the fabrics. These add to the unique charm of each piece. These travel bags are hard-wearing and, if treated with care, can last many years. Some may even become heirlooms! The wool softens and becomes more supple with use, and can be cleaned either with brushing e.g. of dried on mud, sponging with cold water or spot treatment with a gentle upholstery cleaner. A small test area should be treated first to ensure the natural dyes do not run or fade.”

Tapestry Evening Bag silk 13" x 6" x 3"

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